The NY Times has told us a bit about Ev Williams, the fellow who dreamed up blogger and helped get Twitter off the ground until he was pushed out. He is still the Tweet factory's largest stockholder. But his child of the moment is called Medium which purports to be a site which is made for words. That it is. It even allows the F word in headlines as if it had been designed as a sort of explanation point.

An imaging problem

To read the Times account -- which you can do at the tweet below -- you get the impression of being at a dead end. There is little there to suggest that the internet is getting fixed.

The reason why is that it is not the internet that is Broken. It is our imaginations, which is to say it is us. Fortunately, when we arrive at that conclusion, we get somewhere. The only thing we can have real influence on is us. Yes, conservatives are right. Individuals are the makers of history.

Individuals do change

Individuals change. When you see the world changing it is because people made decisions. Twitter did not elect Trump. Trump was elected due to a system that individuals created to keep democracy on the tracks. Unfortunately, we have pretty close to a 50 50 split among individuals and when polling is more lopsided -- as in favoring gun control -- politicians ignore it. Politicians are individuals who sometimes decide to run in herds.

The things that make for change

What creates change is a shift in values. Individuals often reject the idea that they are powerful and can change history. But choosing values like tolerance, helpfulness, and democracy has resulted in things like the United States of America. So it is no small thing when individuals cotton to what they find when they look within.


Anthony Weiner is looking within today because whatever floats his boat is in there, and his future depends on what values he chooses today and tomorrow. That is a truth that applies to every soul on earth.

What could fix the internet?

The internet will be fixed when enough people get bored with extremes as their basic entertainment.

It will change when enough people feel faintly nauseous at prevalent Netflix violence.

It will change when corporations understand that they are individuals whose decisions harm millions and that there are opportunities that could lead to much greater prosperity than violence and harm. The internet will change when people stop thinking in binary terms. We are always changing, and we rule.