According to First Post news, Obama made a statement that has Bernie Sanders supporters angry. He said in a statement yesterday that Sanders supporters fueled the unpopularity of Obamacare. The past two weeks, Obama has begged congress and senate to block Obamacare repeal. Not only did the plan fail, but the house is seeking to repeal the failed policy.

Yet, many feel that Obamacare is not holding up on its promises. There are several key promises that were made by Obama himself. However, none of those promises came to pass. As a matter-of-fact, just the opposite has occurred.

Now, Republicans and Democrats together want to repeal the order.

Tucker Carlson roasts Obamacare supporter

Tucker Carlson interviewed Ezekiel Emanuel on November 16th. Ezekiel Emanuel is the architect of the failed plan of Obamacare. In the interview, Carlson bombed the democrat with questions about why the people feel Obamacare failed. Emanuel ran around in circles with no clear answer. According to Carlson, Obamacare failed for several key reasons. Citizens have been told that they could have their own doctors.

According to Carlson, that was a lie.

Citizens understood that they could not get turned down due to pre-existing conditions. According to Tucker, many have gotten turned down just for that reason. Emanuel when on to say that affordable was not a promise. Yet, ironically, the plan bears the name, " the affordable care act."

Bernie Sanders supporters not to blame

According to First Post News, not only are Bernie supporter guilty, But the statement was out of line.

Trump and the congress plan to repeal Obamacare and replace it with what Obama said Obamacare would do. Yet, in his last words, Obama says they should review the benefits before dismantling the plan. Obama states that the only thing needed is a few changes. But, republican leaders say the whole thing from start to finish is a bad idea.

Not only is the "affordable care act" not affordable, many Americans can not afford the premiums. Thousands of Americans are without insurance because they can no longer afford it. President-elect Trump says he has a better plan. This is something that many Americans are waiting for.