Donald Trump turned out to be a Republican after all. Early in his political career when he was using birther racism to gin up, support people remembered he had contributed to both parties. He was more a wise guy and con artist than a serious political force. That changed during the campaign. He iced a boatload of opponents and proved that the Nixon Southern strategy is actually national. He also became a scapegoat for the GOP.

How so?

Trump is not your ordinary scapegoat. You think of a scapegoat being a martyr, a substitute victim for the party that should be taking the heat.

The GOP did not realize that Trump would become their patsy. It took him a while to betray his base while realizing that the presidency could be the biggest con yet. He appointed blue ribbon alt-right-inclined sorts to work in the West Wing and populate the Cabinet. He became a reality show for the one percent.


Here is how it works. It is devilishly simple; Trump hates public anything. So does the GOP. While Trump is bashing public with the execrable Betsy De Vos appointment, the Federalist Society is quietly feeding him with lists of nominees for judgeships throughout the legal system. Trump gets trashed as the machine he is now serving rolls on. The GOP humors him. They could care less if he is trashed.

Double binds

A Double Bind is claiming one thing and doing another. Trump invented the double bind. Not really but it feels that way. Double binds are how dictators drive whole populations crazy. "You're gonna have the greatest health ever" when we have reduced the insured by multi-millions. "We're gonna be safe" when we have pauperized the government and puffed up the military.

Trump is the bad Reagan.

Democrats can play too

If the media started saying we are all captives of an oil-sprawl mentality that sucks us dry and leaves everyone in debt to serve the one percent. Well, it won't say what our system is because it is part of it.

But that is exactly what the GOP supports and what Trump helps put into place. Democrats will not speak honestly about the system that runs us all. It is much easier to bash Trump and believe if you just get rid of him all will be well. Chris Hedges and I agree, getting rid of Trump will not change a thing.

The GOP will jump ship

The GOP has no loyalty to Trump, and when he begins to look impeachable or otherwise get-ridable, they can condemn him with a straight face. They will be heroes. But underneath it all, the wheels would have turned and all the little gears will be in place, and the nation will have moved a lot further. right.