Hello, Cancers! It’s another Wednesday! You were born between June 21 and July 22. That being said, Today’s horoscope will look at hard work and rewards. So let’s see what the stars are saying today.

What to expect

Today, Cancer, apparently this is not a good day for any kind of scheduling. Cancellations, because of unexpected events, sends everything into a whirlwind. There are bouts of frustration, especially because of plans that were made to meet your lover, had to be scrapped. The good side is that the stars have stated it’s only temporary.

It would be wise to spend the day doing quiet activities, like reading.

Rewards are usually received from hard work, or selfless acts for example. The bosses have been watching you closely, so expect to be presented with an award of some kind. You will be in your 5th element after being given so much praise. Well done! With the moon in Taurus, you will have a positive impact on your emotions and you will make good decisions.

Someone in a very high position could do you a huge favor, but you need to bring up the topic when you're at your most persuasive, Cancer. At the moment, you're passionate, but not very diplomatic. Thus, it would be wise for you to build your arguments now, and make your presentation at a later time.

You will need to pay attention to your most recent brainstorm. However, Cancer, when it comes to taking action and following through, you can get a little distracted and sidetracked.

How to get through your day

To get through your day, Cancer, wear something in yellow to attract positive luck.

The stars suggest you free your mind of all you have to do.

You could live your childhood dreams again and fly a kite! The key word tonight is relaxation. Let your friends that you won’t be out tonight. Run yourself a bubble bath, choose the right music and let your mind wander. Set your priorities and make a schedule. Ask a friend with a lot of determination to join you for the ride.

Your curiosity will provide you with all kinds sof avenues for exploration and amazing ideas, so dig in!

For the older Cancer, focus on quality instead of quantity -- this is what makes you an excellent lover. The stars suggest that you cast aside anything which may make you feel upset.

Okay, Cancer, that’s it for today’s daily horoscope from Blasting Astrology. Thanks for reading and be sure to check out tomorrow's reading. From all of us here at Blasting News, we wish you an awesome Wednesday!