This article offers a peek into Today's planetary predictions for every sign. Find out what is waiting for you this day!


It is high time to express what you are feeling towards a certain person, for better or worse, and it has a great chance it is for the better.


Time for confrontation. You should finally lay your cards out on the table. Do not get surprised if the other person gets mad, it is surely not your only fault. You both have to work on yourselves to be able to get on well in the future.


You need some alone time this day, you may need to fight for it though.

A long walk by yourself will help you to keep the sanity of your mind and thoughts.


It seems you are prone to forget that friendships require care and time. Remember to call or at least text those who are important to you today. Stop acting so selfish. Arrange some plans with them for the weekend and stick to your promise.


You are closer to the finish line than you think! Stay strong and keep on believing in yourself and do not dare to quit now. It might be very hard, but is is worth the effort! You will have plenty of time to rest later.


Venus aligned in your sign today has the power to empower you to make the best decisions for your love life. Do not even consider leaving everything behind as an option.

Wait until you see the whole situation turns out, because it is your turn to find happiness this day.


This will be a pretty long day for you, Gemini. You might have to cancel some important plans with a loved one today due to work issues. Be patient with them if they get mad at you, they really wanted to see you today.

Make some free time for them in the evening.


Do not sell yourself short, as it is for those that misuse humility and modesty. Stand up for yourself in situations in which somebody tries to dominate over you. Remember your worth, you do not have to take orders from anyone, even if they want you to think otherwise.


A number of people might seek you out with questions about what they should do in certain situations. Do not give them advice, they may blame you for their wrong decisions later.


You have to stop trying to please other people. Work on settling your own boundaries and living by your very own standards.


You should say goodbye to a toxic relative, a habit that takes up too much of your time or a friend who does not deserve your time today.


Most of the issues you have to face today have more than one solution. Do not stick to the first thought that comes to your mind.