"The Flash" is not just another Superhero TV show out there. This show is what the DC Comics Universe is all about. The idea of being hopeful and optimistic is what separates it. Geoff Johns, who is now the head of the DC Films Universe, has said that the idea of DC being dark and gritty is completely wrong. Johns has been quoted as saying: "It’s a hopeful and optimistic view of life." "The Flash" on the CW (headed by Greg Berlanti and Andrew Kreisberg) has been the embodiment of this sentiment. The Dc Universe, whether it's on TV or in film, has always been about the ideology that no matter the circumstances that these heroes are put in, they will never give up Hope.

DC is all about hope

In all the years that DC Comics has been around, it has always been about one main idea: hope. "The Flash" TV show has done a good job of being faithful to the comic book. In the TV series, he has gone up against beings far superior to him, and when all seems lost, Barry Allen has the capability to overcome his obstacles and defeat his foes because he always believes that he has hope. Flash is one of the more hopeful and optimistic characters in DC Comics today.

DC is fun and full of bright colors

The idea that the DC Extended Universe has put in the audience's brain that DC is much darker than Marvel is downright wrong. Flash is Exhibit A on why those who think DC is dark are wrong.

The CW show has done an excellent job of showing just how much fun the DC Universe can be. The humor and the tone of "The Flash" is what DC is all about it.

Although that doesn't mean that the show can't be a bit more serious and dark, the overall tone is much lighter than other shows like "Arrow." The TV universe version of DC has been able to show the bright colors and weird names that most of the characters have.

Wally West (Kid Flash) is one the many newcomers of Season 3, and his costume is a prime example of how bright and how much fun the DC universe can be. Other names like Vibe, Killer Frost, Zoom, Reverse Flash, Dr. Light and Mirror Master are just some of the fun names that DC has to offer.

Who is Savitar?

"The Flash" returns on May 2nd, and with it, fans will hopefully find out who Savitar is.