Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime are the most popular streaming sites people around the world use to watch their favorite shows and movies. This has ultimately led to a bunch of shows being binge watched anywhere from a day to a couple of weeks.

Members of these streaming sites are now capable of finishing a season of a show in one whole day. CNN reported that “Netflix found that on average, viewers watch two hours and 10 minutes a day of a series in order to complete a season.“ This is not to say that Binging is bad because all people are guilty of it, but is this the new way of consuming television?

Binging might just be easier to do

Binging can be addicting and it might just be easier to do. It can be frustrating at times to wait for a new episode of a show every week. The good thing about the shows produced by Netflix like ‘Stranger Things’ or ‘Orange is the new Black’ is that all the episodes are already available to watch when it’s released.

That basically is asking to be binge watched. The fact that some of the Netflix shows are only 8 episodes long make it a possibility for the audience to finish the show within a few days or weeks after the show has been released.

Either way it definitely beats out waiting 6 plus months to finish a show on one of the major TV networks. Audiences now can wait for their favorite TV Show on one of the cable channels to end its current season and wait until that season is added to one of the streaming sites.

It simply is just easier to spend an entire weekend indoors binge watching shows.

Every month there are new shows to watch

One of the many reasons to people tend to binge from show to show is the fact that every month there is brand new content added to the slate. Netflix, in particular, has new releases every month and it can be very difficult for audiences keep up with the new shows.

That’s when binging becomes the greatest thing that mankind has ever created. The fact that a person can finish a full season of a series in just a matter of days and move on to a whole completely different show is astonishing.

This could be the reason why there has been a rise of binge watching around the world. The accessibility of these shows at the palm of their hands makes for a great and interesting experience.

It’s fascinating to think that most members pay minimum of 10 dollars a month to watch so many different kinds of shows, movies, and documentaries. It truly is an amazing time period for television and fans alike.