The Golden State warriors and the Cleveland Cavaliers have made a laughing stock of the teams they have faced in the playoffs so far. Warriors swept both the Portland Trail Blazers and the Utah Jazz pretty easily. The Cavaliers swept the Indiana Pacers 4-0 and Toronto Raptors who didn’t even stand a chance.

Both teams are waiting for their next opponent as the Warriors will face either Houston or San Antonio. Cavaliers will have to face the winner of the Boston and Washington series. But the question is will it even matter which team they will face in the Eastern and Western Conference Finals?

Both teams are just loaded with talent

The Warriors reloaded last offseason with the signing of Kevin Durant, and ever since then, NBA fans have questioned whether the regular season mattered. The same went for the Cavaliers but in a little different way.

The eastern conference is known to be the weaker conference of the two, so fans knew that on one in the east could compete toe to toe with the likes of LeBron, Love, or Irving. Both teams are just loaded with young talented players and veterans are some of the best players in the world, so it would be hard to imagine that any team would be able to defeat them in a 7 game series before the finals.

Is this bad for the NBA?

There has been much dilemma about the 2017 NBA playoff season.

Both the Cavaliers and Warriors are have not lost a game in the playoffs yet, and they are both already in their conference finals. Does this make a problem for the NBA?

Henry Bushnell of Yahoo! Sports says “In many cases, that question is no longer, how do we dethrone LeBron? or How do we beat the Warriors? The 2017 playoffs, up to this point, have driven home the idea that those questions might not have plausible answers.

So the most pressing question might actually be, Should we even try?

If teams are not going to try to beat them then what is the point? Fans want to see good basketball be played instead of 30 point blowouts. NBA season is not supposed to be this predictable.It could be bad for the NBA if this era of these two teams continues because no one would care about the regular season.

How long could this go on for?

Even though the playoffs are not over and there is still a champion to be determined; it still isn’t too early to rule out the idea that these two teams could face off again next year in the 2018 NBA Finals. The Boston Celtics and the Los Angeles Lakers met in the finals six times during the 1960’s, including four times in a row from 1965 to 1969.

History has shown that this has happened before and it can certainly happen again. Do fans want that to happen though? Will fans want a Cavaliers vs. Warriors rematch for a third straight year? How, long will this match up last?