Huma Abedin is a US-born Muslim who had become one of the backstage advisors of Hillary Clinton. She is 41 years old and very much in the news.Unfortunately, Hillary was defeated and this was an emotional shock to her. Earlier she had announced that she would divorce her husband Anthony Wiener. This was after the news was leaked about his inappropriate conduct.The incident is well reported to be repeated here.It appeared at that stage that the couple will separate and go their separate ways. Huma had also announced that she and her husband are separating.

However, till date, the couple are sharing the same apartment and bringing up their son together. With Hillary defeated and no longer in contention for a political career, the options for Huma are limited. In the changed circumstances her husband anthony is hoping that the divorce will be called off. He has also attended a rehab course to help him.

Huma Abedin

Huma is a Muslim who spent her formative years in Saudi Arabia. She is a practicing Muslim.She was a contributor to a magazine which is now edited by her mother. This magazine espouses the Sharia for all Muslims. This means that she values Muslim ideas. She married Anthony who is a non-practising Jew. As per reports, he was keeping the Ramadan fast along with her.

This shows that she exercised a lot of influence on him.She also loves her son and would like to give him the best upbringing. The boy is 5 years old and Huma is married for 6 years. In all probability whatever decision Huma takes will be keeping the welfare of her son in mind.


Huma has now to begin her career afresh. There is little likelihood of this happening with Donald in power.

His anti-Muslim bias is well known. In case Hillary had won, her actions would have been different. But now with nothing lined up in the future, there is a chance she may reconcile with husband Wiener. He is hoping this will happen. There are many who say that this reconciliation will not take place. One will have to look into a crystal ball to forecast the future.