For a little over a year and a half now, fans of the Lifetime hit 'Dance Moms' have been waiting to hear the verdict for ex-reality star Abby Lee Miller. Abby pleaded guilty last year to bankruptcy fraud and smuggling 120,000 worth of Australian currency into the United States without reporting it. Today the world, along with Abby, were given the judge's answer.

And the verdict is..

Early Tuesday morning in Pittsburgh a calm, smiling Abby Lee Miller walked into court. In the courtroom, her attorney Robert Ridge asked for probation while bankruptcy lawyers demanded that Abby is punished to the full extent of the law.

Assistant U.S.

Attorney Gregory Melucci went on record saying, "dance mom in the bankruptcy case to dance con." All smiles were wiped from Abby's face when she stood in front of the federal judge. She became quite emotional and even started to sob as she begged for leniency and even apologized to the judge for meeting under these circumstances.

Several family members, friends, and even moms from her show such as Chrissy Hunt came out to be character witnesses. Yet nice words can only go so far.

Abby went in in front of U.S. Distract Judge Joy Flowers Conti and was sentenced to only a year and one day of jail time; rumored to have only to serve ten months. Along with the short sentence, Abby was ordered to pay a $40,000 penalty as well as spend two years on probation following her release.

Abby requested to spend her sentence in Los Angeles to be closer to her home and dance studio. She has to wait two weeks to find out if she can serve her time in Los Angeles. Judge Conti has also given her 45 days to report to jail.

Leaving the courtroom.

When Abby was leaving the courtroom, she was asked how she felt about her sentencing.

"I feel relieved. I feel peaceful," Abby remarked. Abby also told reporters, "Live and learn."

Mr. Ridge told reporters that the team is okay with the judge's decision and they have no plans to appeal the sentence.


I do wish to express my thoughts on the sentencing. One year and one day with the possibility of only serving ten months?

That is it?

I know that Abby did plead guilty yet she was forced to admit she had been doing something illegal. I think if Abby hadn't been caught she would have continued breaking the law. However, I should have seen this coming. Since when do celebrities pay the price for their crimes?

What do you think? Was Abby's sentencing fair or did the judge grant leniency after all?