Due to the lack of approval from lawmakers on an exact 2017 fiscal budget, Donald Trump is unable to fully afford the wall he desires to build to expel illegal immigrants, even if they have proper clearance, due to this campaign's original construction on ingrained prejudices against Africans and Mexicans. The affordable care act hangs by a thread as Congress rejected Trump's first attempt at its removal, but make no mistake, Trump and his cabinet are fully intent on repealing the Affordable Care Act for Americans unable to foot the bill, getting treatment in understaffed hospitals for mental health care, instead of proper treatment.

Trump's policy endangers out children's future

You can forget about any dual diagnosis with Trump's delusional and idiotic cuts to our arts, our schools, our educational standards, and our liberties. Not to mention Trump's complete refusal to consider global warming spells catastrophe to our Mother Earth, already overpopulated and with dwindling resources. We must begin the charge towards embracing alternative energy sources such as hydrogen, hemp, or electricity over our depleting reserves of oil and coal. We cannot sacrifice innocent soldiers on the front lines, throwing money at the military while defending our humanities and our education, solely to line our oil wells at the expense of our children's future.

Trump's campaign made grandiose and sweeping promises that are utterly incompatible with reality in any fashion, with his frequent stumbles against Congress. If the Republicans cannot find a middle ground on healthcare pricing, more people in the most desperate need will become denied care. Whether the Republicans admit it or not, is irrelevant to facts.

When homeless vagrants line the streets, and laws are passed in a Christian nation consigned to defend the poor and the weak, to line the 1 percent with tax breaks, and tax cuts as our President still refuses to disclose his tax returns, is a proposition both illogical and immoral.

Middle class struggles to make ends meet

As the middle-class of America struggles to make ends meet, and thousands of poverty stricken individuals, many with untreated mental or psychiatric illnesses roam the streets, numerous suffering from substance abuse, now is the worst time possible to allow the rich to pay less.

If we abandon our compassion for the poor, we succumb to racist assumptions about the nature of the character behind surface appearance, thus denying our ability to preach, let alone practice broad-minded acceptance of others, even if another lifestyle is incompatible with your beliefs.

No compassion from Trump administration

Trumps administration has no such compassion, or concerns. They are remorseless; as long as Trump collects his fee, and collect he will, at all of America's expense. This administration's psychotic cuts will bleed our nation utterly dry as a desert and suck our planet dry, depleting our already fading and overtaxed resources. Ensuring the middle class foots the bill for the rich to live more comfortably, allowing the average citizen to foot the bill for a psychotic budget cut after insane budget cuts as our schools, our rehabilitation centers, our museums, and multicentric will pay the ultimate price, through sacrificing quality and integrity for profit.

The devil lives in institutions, not in individuals, and now the final 'Big Brother' arises to destroy every progressive stride America has made in the last century. The threat is real, and we, as Americans must resist and fight against this crooked system to the very ends of the earth.