Three things to consider: Donald Trump is clearly petrified by what was an almost global escalation of the effort to discover what secrets his tax returns may hold. If you are over-45 those smiles may disappear when you see the jobs vanishing and the fairness scale tipping. Finally, it is almost boring but necessary to apprise you of a near-record in the flip-flop department from the man who occupies the White House.

Trump's Easter Sunday accusatory mode

We begin with the following intelligence from the NYT. You know it's breaking news when they have not added an image.

Trump tweeted this morning that someone should look into who paid thousands of eminently peaceful human beings to focus their energies on getting him to reveal his tax returns. These demonstrations were in 150 cities, a sure sign of grass roots activism. Who really believed they would succeed? That wasn't the question. Everyone knew that ultimately the people win. They probably sensed the truth as well. Now even 64 percent of the GOP want the returns to be opened. Trying to pin this remarkable display on paid operators is knee-jerk fear at work. The pressure is building on the president.

The pressure to get a job is worse the older you are

People are pretty much able to control how long they are likely to live by taking good care of themselves. But there is less and less control over how one will pay to keep the roof overhead and the money to live on coming through the door. It doesn't help to have pretty good proof that millennials are going to be preferred over you if you happen to be 45 or older.

The dismal truth is detailed in the Tweet below.

How many flip-flops can you do in a week?

In the short work-week just past, Donald Trump managed a big handful. But do you know what? It is getting so it does not matter. So ambient is the man's entire performance that you could come in and go out anytime and come up with a completely different account of what the man said.

According to Axios and everyone else who follows such things, the president flipped on nine things. They gave him two honorable mentions.

The most important: He took back the accusation that China is a currency manipulator. He took back negative comments about NATO. He took back a promise to move on to taxes. He now wants to get his health care bill passed. It almost makes you want to turn him off and wait until something is actually done -- anything. Playing golf umpteen times does not count