Occupy Democrats and Stand Up America are the two leading political pages on Facebook, Seven of the most engaged pages on Facebook lean to the left. This is an early sign of how political movements grow. Axios passes this on from NewsWhip which measures engagement in terms of likes, comments, and shares. The tweet below covers the first month of trump's presidency. Pages on Facebook are distinct from groups and individual profiles. Pages are probably the most participation-intensive because they require the most energy and seem to elicit the most response.

The left pages are even outdoing the news sites

As the tweet below indicates, news pages on Facebook are less engaging than the politics pages.

Christie leads GOP governors in unpopularity

The statistics accessible at the tweet above will reveal a list of the most and least popular governors. Things are looking good for most Democrats and bad for most Republicans. If we are getting such statistics this early in the Trump administration and there is no obvious turnaround, the first indications will come in special elections and then in the contests of November 2018.

Trump was vicious about Obama's golf

Trump spends Easter weekend golfing. There was a time when he was apoplectic about President Obama's modest time on the links compared to his own.

The Tweet above will open the door to the hypocrisy involved in Trump's current lavish lifestyle.

GOP says Trump show us those tax returns

The recent finding that the GOP is clearly wanting to see Trump's Tax returns does not sound like the end of something.

It is more like Russia. It is a problem that is not going away. Yesterday 150 cities in the US and more abroad joined in a nonviolent sea of protest, demanding the president show his tax returns.

The art of bringing Trump to heel

Trump is a con artist. Without confidence, a con artist loses his mojo. The remarkable thing is that the response to this is not binary. Binary is my way or the highway, either/or. The current mood has its share of hostility on all sides. But the active demonstrations against the president have been mild and even light-hearted, more a festival than a dogged effort. This does not mean there is no seriousness, it means there is the openness needed to move forward. This is the best of signs.

The proof lies in the aesthetic of the movement which is worthy of being called people's art. It was on display yesterday and we are entering the summer. Perhaps the nonviolent, light mood is the key to attaining an aesthetic that moves forward.