When comedian, filmmaker, and writer Louis C.K. was last on the Late Show with Stephen Colbert, he talked about how much of a liar President Trump was, on a level that was hilariously absurd but also exhibited the extreme level of his ability to lie. Over the past week, Blasting News reported on the claim that the "armada" President Trump said was heading toward's North Korea was in fact not true. What's shocking about this is that three others within the military ranks also said with authority that it was true, which shows that there is an acceptable form of lying aside from what we're already accustomed to seeing coming from the Trump White House, which already has the power to confuse anyone who believes them.

Leaving the world in the 'dark'

For a president who as a candidate, a businessman and really a person who has been lying repeatedly in order to get his way; this is hardly psychological warfare against the enemy as it also raises the kind of alarm in society and among the U.S.'s allies that only means to intentionally leave them in the dark. Dan Balz of the Washington Post spoke about this on Washington Week last Friday saying: "I think that when those kinds of things happen on top of everything else about what President Trump has said about foreign policy, it adds to confusion. And, while he prides himself on unpredictability as he has said as a candidate, um, unpredictability is not necessarily great in foreign policy.

There are a lot of allies and adversaries who are trying to figure him out. "

Trump dumps the press

He has already said many times that he will not tell the press what he's going to do next with adversaries such as North Korea with his foreign policy approach.

From the first day of the White House press briefings, the Press Secretary shows that he was determined to making sure that what they said was true and not what was reported on them. Some Trump aides who were once more traditional and careful in the past with what they've said to the press such as the White House Chief of Staff who was once the chair of the Republican National Committee, Reince Priebus, have changed their attitudes to match the level of Trump's lies and even aggression against the press, in order for them to send the message that they will not be questioned.

The State Department press briefings which usually provide some insight into the White House agenda have intentionally been kept minimal. So it should be no secret that President Trump's lies are out there and plain as day for all to see, as a kind of fortress he can hide in. But since he's hiding in plain site, it's even more revealing that he isn't protecting anything and really just showing the world that he doesn't know how to be president or even what to do next.