China's military capability has witnessed exponential growth in the recent years. While addressing a Congressional hearing, the Commander of US Pacific Command admiral Harry Harris said the Chinese military modernization program is focused on countering the advantages attained by the US government in Asia.

China emerging as a military giant

Unlike other powerful world economies that import sophisticated weaponry, Beijing has produced its own military equipment locally. In fact, China has emerged as a major weapon producer with surplus finding way to Africa.

This has prompted pundits to ask whether the US should worry about the growing military capability of China.

For over a decade, the Chinese government has sought to control the South China Sea. The move has aggravated tension in the region with the US government calling on China to respect the integrity of international waters. The conflict has caused China to revamp its army, equipping it with ultra-modern equipment. More sophisticated security installations have been put in place to boost the capability of Chinese troops to deal with invading forces.

China manufactures aircraft carrier

Furthermore,the Chinese government has launched its first home-made aircraft carrier in addition to the one communist state purchased from Ukraine.

The ability of China to move massive military equipment including military planes and tankers has greatly increased. Admiral Harry Harris said China's military modernization program could not be understated because the Communist state lacks transparency.

Even though China has no history of engaging in unnecessary warfare with its neighbors, its enhanced military capability should worry not only the US, but also other Western powers.

History at the United Nations Security Council indicates that Beijing being has been inclined to Russia in opposing resolutions on Syria. Many Chinese weapons and military technology, if not checked, may find their way into nations that side with Moscow including the troubled Syria.

US should court China

The US government should find ways of courting China to avoid scenarios in which advanced Chinese military technology is used by enemies or potential terrorists to destabilize other regions.

Intelligence information on China's military prowess will also help the international community curb proliferation of arms especially into Africa. Most of Chinese weapons have been destined for war torn countries like South Sudan, Central Africa Republic and the Democratic Republic of Congo.