A US defense official has confirmed that a US Aircraft Carrier strike group is moving towards the korean peninsula, in the Pacific Ocean. The action was in response to North Korea’s recent nuclear test.

The US commander of Pacific Command Admiral Harry Harris has ordered the USS Carl Vinson striking group to sail to the Western Pacific. The Vinson striking departed Singapore on Saturday, Pacific Command said.

US military deployment

The United States frequently deploys military equipment in the region. As a show of force, aircraft carriers such as the Vinson were deployed to deter North Korea.

The aircraft took part in the joint military exercise in South Korea last month. The DPRK recently launched a Scud extended-range missile which exploded in flight. The country has also carried out several missile engine strikes as it makes an effort to its nuclear ballistics technology.

North Korea's nuclear test

North declared in September 2016 that it has successfully tested a ballistic nuclear warhead. The regime insists it is building nuclear weapons to protect and defend itself from aggression by The United States.

The US President Donald Trump and its Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping met recently where North Korea was top on the agenda. According to Rex Tillerson, the US Secretary of State, “President Trump and Xi had a fruitful discussion, where both presidents agreed to work together to resolve all issues discussed peacefully.”

President Trump and Jinping's meeting

China has earlier called on the US and North Korea to play down tension in the region – the US by suspending all military exercises with South Korea which heightens tension in Pyongyang and North Korea to put to an end its nuclear weapons program.

Before the summit, US President Trump had warned that the US was ready to act alone to stop North Korea’s provocative nuclear program from progress to an advanced level should China shows reluctance in exercising its leverage over Pyongyang. But a political and diplomatic analyst says any unilateral military options for the US regarding DPRK posed serious problems.

According to international observers, the US possesses unmatched firepower compared to North Korea; an attack on the North could pose devastating consequences in South Korea in retaliation from North Korea. Pyongyang has continually threatened the US and South Korea of nuclear war.