"Stardew Valley" was created by Eric Barone (also known as ConcernedApe) and published by Chucklefish. The game garnered numerous awards and this is true to its content. The simple yet unique story weaves everything together. Now, farming is not just the only thing that you should do in the game because you can also gather materials and ingredients for cooking, ship items for money, talk to the villagers, or marry someone among them.

The great thing about "Stardew Valley" is that no hard work will be left unpaid. Everything that you do will have a result and reward, especially on farming.

Not only that, but the music does not fail to immerse you into nostalgia and a calm atmosphere. This may be a practice at programming for Eric Barone but he made it something better than before, to the point that people loved the game. Thus, the latest update of it can be bought and downloaded on numerous platforms.

"Harvest Moon" creator was even proud

Yasuhiro Wada created "Harvest Moon," which most of us know about because it focuses on the same thing. Numerous fans say that "Stardew Valley" is the successor of the "Harvest Moon." However, for some, they say that it is just a duplicate or rip-off copy of it. Now, as I played the game for hours, I noticed that it is something different from Wada's creation.

It depicts something unique that cannot be described just by saying it. The achievements that you gain in the game makes you feel better and the way you clean your farm reflects your personality. Here are samples of the original soundtracks in the game below:

Carrying on the legacy

Yasuhiro Wada and Eric Barone are two names that we surely will never forget when it comes to farming games.

Of course, fans will wait for another update, if they are planning to make another. But time will tell if they do. If you are still looking for games that reflect how life turns, life lessons, and valuing relationships, then "Stardew Valley" is a game that you should play. It is highly recommended that you do so because it teaches a lot of reality, considering that it is only virtually fabricated.

Most of all, the pixel world of farming makes it even better on a two-dimensional platform because simplicity is beauty, as a saying goes. There is that attraction we feel when it comes to the lost art of pixel-form games. Just like that one two-dimensional pixel game that raged sales and exceeded expectations is "Undertale." So, to take a break from the stresses and precipices of life, why not take these and save yourself a personal space. The game is available on Xbox, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and Steam for the PC version.