President Trump ran his camp on intolerance and hate. He referred to Mexican immigrants as rapists and murderers. David Duke who used to head the KKK endorsed Trump, but the president never spoke against Duke's former association. Although the son-in-law of the POTUS is Jewish, anti-Semitic activities soared, with graves in Jewish cemeteries being overturned. Muslims, African-Americans, people of Middle eastern descent, and those in the LBGTQ community reported increases in being targeted and harassed. Donald Trump said he was the least racist, anti-Semitic person on the planet, yet the hate increased when he went into the Oval Office.

Make America Great or make America hate?

Donald Trump ran his campaign with the slogan, "Make America Great Again." It was changed in memes to say "Make America White Again," and now people are saying that what President Trump has done, willfully or unwittingly caused a climate where his slogan now is changed to "Make America Hate Again." This is evident in the report that was just released from the Justice department. It seems Attorney General Jeff Sessions has called for a review of the federal agreements with police departments where complaints of racism have been in abundance. According to the article from the Tribune Washington Bureau, this is a way for the Trump administration to support law enforcement, and not take seriously the many claims of police brutality and racism.

This specifically affects Chicago and Baltimore where a majority of the complaints have been made.

The outcome

Donald Trump has also used his executive pen to remove protections President Obama put in place for women and those in the LBGTQ community. If President Trump and his cabinet keep this up, they will be showing intolerance to everyone who is not a white male.

Women, minorities, and anyone who identifies as LBGTQ will be treated like second-class citizens, and no longer have equal rights. So it seems that those who say the president wants to "Make America Hate Again," might be on to something.