As President Trump winds down his first 100 Days in office, he has not had many victories. The Russia issue continues to loom heavily and now Michael Flynn is wanting to sing like a bird. This is obviously taking a toll on our 45th president. Those close to him say he is becoming increasingly isolated, both politically and personally. The Washington Post quotes White House sources as saying that President Trump has alienated both Democrats and Republicans who are in positions to help him get his agenda passed.

Disappointments for The Donald

Certainly President Trump has reason to be disappointed.

He has not been able to keep any key campaign promises. He dropped the chant of "lock her up" regarding Hillary Clinton. It's obvious now that he has no intention of prosecuting her. The president has not yet secured funding to build the wall in Mexico, his American Health Care Act was not passed, and his executive orders are being met with resistance and lawsuits. He is being resisted at every turn. These must be crushing blows for the man who knows "the art of the deal."

The incendiary POTUS

Democrats say they are wary of the 45th president because his personality is "incendiary." Michael Steele, former Republican National Committee chairman, says a number of the "key player" on Capitol Hill are unable to relate to the president because of his age.

Mr. Trump is a 70-year-old executive. Donald Trump's explosive temperament is what got him elected. He has not however changed from campaign mode, and this obviously is an issue.

It also does not help that President Trump has no political experience. He is an outsider, who has no longtime connections with Washington D.C. bureaucrats.

This may be one reason he brought his team of non-politicians on board. But when the blind lead the blind, they all fall in the ditch. The root of the issue may be in the words of Nancy Pelosi, who said, "The powers of persuasion that worked on the campaign trail are not going to seal the deal in Washington."