The Russian connection is not going away. It is getting strengthened. The open hearings of the intelligence committee of Congress are distracting the president. He had thought that by removing General Flynn, just after 24 days The Russian bogie will die down. This has not happened, and it looks like, he committed a mistake in asking Flynn to resign. General Flynn was the closest advisor of Donald for almost two years. In hindsight, Donald should have stuck with him. Because whatever Flynn did, could not have been without the knowledge of the president.

One has a lurking feeling that withholding of information from the vice president could have also been known to Donald. The opposition won and had got Flynn out of the way; the second casualty was Jeff Sessions. Under attack, he recused himself from all hearings concerning the Russian connection. In a way, he angered the president.

A 'witch hunt'?

By now it would have become apparent to Donald that the main target is the president himself. No wonder he is talking about a "witch hunt." Donald is right, this investigation is a witch hunt, and the target is the president. Assuming Hillary had won the election, I do not visualize that any investigation would have been done. It's a white like to suggest that Russia could hack the computers and influence the US presidential election.

It is also an insult to the American voter. The Russians may have tried to help Donald Trump, but to hint that Donald won the election because of Russia is too far-fetched to be believed.

General Flynn

The pot is boiling, and general Flynn will have to testify to the committee. He has asked for immunity, but so far it is not granted.

Donald Trump is backing Flynn. Frankly, this is all that he can do at this stage. He must have now realized that by removing General Flynn, he committed a colossal mistake. Sherlock Holmes, the ace detective when on a trail always exclaimed to his friend Dr. Watson "Watson the game is afoot."

Perhaps it is, and it'll be interesting to see how Donald copes with the allegations piling up against him