After a long fought battle with hope, Oakland fans, the Raider Nation, lost to a world led by greed and money when their beloved team decided to relocate to Las Vegas, Nevada. It has been made official that the Raiders are leaving California for good, and the Raider Nation is left with a massive heartbreak. Yes, the NFL is all about money, and that is exactly what was in control with the Raiders’ move to Nevada.

Owner mark davis has also said some kind words to mend the pain of his loyal fans regarding the move to a new home. However, in the end, Davis is lucky that he has such a good fan base like the Raider Nation.The Nation, being a giant fan base, will never stop supporting the Raiders.

These fans had proven that back in the early 80s when the Raiders moved to Los Angeles, and they did it again when the football club left LA for Oakland in the mid-90s.

The Raider Nation stayed Raiders

Yes, the Raider Nation stayed Raiders no matter what the club threw at them. Also, this loyal fan base supported the Silver and Black when the Raiders were horrible for more than a decade, 2003-2015. It was not until a couple of years ago that the Raiders started looking like a team to be feared.

The Raider Nation never left and always packed the Coliseum in Oakland during those terrible times. Now, these fans get to see their team get better, yet their beloved team is packing up and leaving town.

Yes, the Oakland Raiders will leave California for good, right when the team is straight up kicking ass, but the fans will remain loyal. The departure of the Raiders from Oakland is a total heartbreak for all Raider fans across the US, but loyalty will remain.

The Oakland Raiders were a Cali team, and the fans loved that! The Coliseum in Oakland would have been packed even if that old structure was on the brink of collapsing.

Davis had to know that leaving California, or Oakland in this matter, would not affect his fan based since this loyal fan base has been through thick and thin.

Why the Raider Nation accepted las Vegas

In reality, the Raider Nation is still hurt about the move. It is a big betrayal! Davis could have still made money if he had stayed in Oakland.

Yes, the Coliseum would have been packed every season until the stadium collapsed into dust. The Raider Nation would have gone down with their ship. Now, Davis has chosen to leave and is very lucky that his fans are loyal to the utmost manner.

The Las Vegas stadium will be brand new, and it will be somewhat of relief that the Raiders have a new home. For the Raider Nation, this feels like moving into another neighborhood that is not liked very much, but the house is top-notch. No offense to Las Vegas, but the Raider Nation is used to the Cali life. Las Vegas is another breed of town and will take the time to get used to. Again, it is like parents moving to another state, and the kids are not really cool with it.

Another factor, the Raider Nation does not have to drive too far to see the Raiders play in Las Vegas. This includes the vast section of the Nation that comes from Los Angeles. Now, both Oakland and Los Angeles fans will have to travel. Again, Mark Davis is very lucky to have such a loyal fan base like the Raider Nation. So, in the future, he better be careful in not making another heartbreaking decision due to money. Yes, the money, maybe not as much with this move to Nevada, would have been there no matter what for Davis. Again, this is due to the loyal fans. In the end, one thing can only be said for the Raider Nation, just win baby!