Yesterday Vice President Mike Pence came under fire because he said he would not be alone with women without his wife present. He also stated that he would not attend functions where there was drinking, without his wife. Some people clearly did not understand that he was showing respect for his spouse, and the institution of marriage. On Twitter, one individual thought he needed his wife so he would not get drunk. Another thought he could not behave himself around women without his wife around. The VP was compared to evangelist Billy Graham, who would not enter hotel rooms until they were checked first.

Mr. Graham did not want any women trying to set him up, and make it seem he was committing adultery. A third individual said that if Mike Pence would not eat alone with women, then he would not hire a female for a high-level position.

Prince William's approach

Perhaps these individuals prefer the antics of Prince William, the future King Of England. Earlier in the month, William skipped an important church function that the royal family always attends. He chose instead to go skiing in Vernier Switzerland, without his wife. He had been drinking heavily and was photographed with his hand on another woman's waist. This is just the thing Mike Pence is trying to avoid. Just imagine how Kate Middleton feels.

Even if it were innocent, the entire world is watching and talking about it. She is probably devastated. The approaches of the Vice President and the future king differ vastly and so will reactions. Just as some disagreed with Mike Pence, there will be those who defend Prince William.

Different Strokes for different folks

Prince William is young and has the weight of becoming the future king on his shoulders.

Even so, most people expect the prince to behave in a manner befitting his title. Mike Pence is older and a politician. If the choices had been reversed, probably no one would have batted an eyelash. Because of the rumored affair with President Kennedy and Marilyn Monroe, Bill Clinton and the Monica Lewinsky scandal and other such stories, Mike Pence would have just been another cheating politician. The old saying of different strokes for different folks is certainly true. And that includes the varied responses to these two situations.