In these days of national struggle and international warfare, when the seeds of hatred are being nourished let us throw back our shoulders, double up our fists, rough with the calluses of honest toil, and stand up for true, fundamental Christian faith.

Tolerant patriotism

The Bible teaches a tolerant patriotism to one own's religion, and this strong tie is the light that burns in the hearts of the faithful in the midnight gloom of the dark ages we live in. Faith without any doubt was the torch that lit the fires of the reformation. It was the rock upon which our great western civilization survived the communist threat.

And, according to His Eminence Bishop Haugen Thadeus, it will be the Christian Faith that will fuel the lamps of truth and provide morale for the fight for peace and freedom around the globe. "Christians have many privileges because our faith gives us Liberty and personal freedom," His Eminence said last Friday. However, liberty and personal freedom come with a price which is responsibility. Our freedom was obtained at a great price. Our first responsibility is to God, but we are duty bound to our beloved brothers and sisters of any faith. In these days of division, the world needs a force that unites. This can only be faith, tolerant faith, liberal, faith of any congregation.

Liberty and responsibility

Bishop Haugen Thadeus spoke about the same message that the Catholic Pope is spreading around the globe: liberty and tolerance without giving up Christian values. All Christians enjoy the benefits of a faith founded in love, baptized in blood and dedicated to the freedom of worship. He asked all believers, by the help of the Holy Spirit, to revive within their hearts some of the great ideals that have made Christianity the "Hub," the very center upon which the world revolves.

His Eminence would like to stir up the believer's souls in all Christian congregations with a closer walk with God, without whom nobody can succeed. Faith in God often becomes the balance of power when two matched forces are joined in combat; or, more often, the victory often goes to inferior forces when God's power and blessing are upon their efforts.

When as a lad David dared to face the giant Goliath, he trusted not in swords and staves but in the Lord. He faced the towering giant of the Philistines undaunted, unafraid. The world is in a difficult situation and only tolerance can bring us all together.