Patriarchy means “social organization marked by the supremacy of the father in the clan or family, the legal dependence of wives and children, and the reckoning of descent and inheritance in the male line”. Is it similar to what we live in? Yes, right? Even though our society has advanced toward feminism over the years, it’s still a patriarchal society. Men feel like they’re entitled to a woman’s body and what she does with it. Without forgetting that there’s another aspect in which patriarchy is involved, let’s take a look at the music daily listened.

Reggaeton Genre

There are many artists in the reggaeton genre that somehow continue to share and approve this idea, even if it’s unconsciously, like Bad Bunny, Maluma, Jon Z and others. They frequently objectify women in their lyrics and videos. Lary Over is one of the many artists that nowaday sings trap, a subgenre in the reggaeton genre. He has being criticized for the lyrics in his songs. One of them sang with Farruko, Bad Bunny, Arcángel y Tempo called “Te lo meto yo” created a controversy for the same reasons, the sexual and vulgar lyrics. It was described as "too sexist and misogynist". Farruko defended himself and the artist in it by saying that he "works with music that he knows will get far and that he makes what the public wants to hear".

A month ago, Lary Over released a new song called “A ella le encanta”. Apart from the lyrics itself that denigrate women, in the video of this song, numerous women are touching him in a seductive way and posing for the camera in a provocative way, in other scenes. They also wear clothes that show most of their body for the sole purpose of seducing and entertaining the artist, a man.

Women are always in these video for one and only purpose: please the man in it and display their body as if the worth of a woman is based on her looks and her “abilities” pleasing a man.

A flaw in our culture

The patriarchy is profoundly marked in our culture, therefore, our music and our thoughts. It controls how women feel and what they do and it should not be like that.

Even the unrealistic beauty standards that we are expected to get to are set by men and their preferences. We need to educate people about feminism, gender equality, and learn that a woman’s purpose isn’t to fulfill a man’s need and that she is beautiful even if she is different from the beauty standard set. Our culture is solely based on patriarchy and that should change.