CNN reported this morning that the combined worth of the Kushner's, is over 700 million dollars. Simultaneously, "Bed Bath and Beyond" announced they were dropping Ivanka Trump's brand from their stores. This is just one more of an increasing number of retail companies, that are divesting themselves from all things Trump. Among them are Nordstrom and Neiman Marcus. Nordstrom issued a statement saying Ivanka's brand was no longer moving off the shelves. Mrs. Kushner is not the average hard working individual, who will lose the farm if they lose a major source of income.

Ivanka Trump was born into money. And now she has married into much more. She will not even miss the profits that were generated from these stores.

High profile equals low sales for Ivanka

Increased exposure for most people equals additional sales for their brand. For Mrs. Kushner, her being in the White House has led to a decline in sales. One possible reason Ivanka is losing endorsement's, is her father President Trump. The Russian scandal, cutting funding for Planned Parenthood, Meals on Wheels and other programs for the needy, are causing many to see the POTUS as a Grinch rather than a savior. In addition, the revelations of just how much money is within the reach of the Trump/Kushner families is raising the eyebrows of the working poor.

Most Americans would feel really blessed to earn $70,000.00. Hearing that Ivanka Trump and her spouse are worth so much, is difficult to swallow.

The disappearing middle class

Increasing studies indicate that middle America is shrinking. We are fast becoming a nation of those who have, and those who have not. Retailers that once were a staple in this nation are shutting their doors.

The closing of Sears, J.C. Penny, and Kmart are sending Americans into the unemployment lines, with no future prospects for a way to take care of their families. Ivanka Trump could lose every major endorsement, and continue to live well. Her brand could completely disappear, but it will not matter.

Mrs. Trump/Kusher was born to a father who is a billionaire.

She is now married to a man who is a multimillionaire. A value of 700 million ensures that this woman will never struggle as do many in this nation. She will never miss a meal, lose a home, or wonder how she will feed her children. Americans who are dealing with these issues, are unable to purchase her products. Those who can, are increasingly disappointed that her father is showing himself to be a president who is un-presidential. And they are choosing not to support her brand. The retailers are catching on, and dis-branding all things Ivanka.