Historically Black Colleges and Universities are higher learning institutions that were created to provide African Americans with an opportunity to gain an education when most post-secondary institutions were reluctant to accept African American students. Since 1976, the number of students enrolled in HBCUs rose by thirty-percent. Today students all over attend Historical Black Colleges and Universities with one goal in mind: to become contributing members of the world we live in. These universities and colleges create opportunities for students to become the world's next versions of the famous Langston Hughes, Madam C.J Walker and Ben Carson.

After the release of the Netflix original "Burning Sands" and the 9.2 million budget cut to the U.S Department of Education, Historical Black Colleges and Universities have been under the microscope as many people have begun to wonder what really happens on the campuses of these institutions. As a current student attending Delaware State University, a land-grant institution founded in 1891, I believe it is important for others to know the real benefits of attending a HBCU.

Iron Sharpens Iron

When you look at a college campus you are able to see students working with each other towards a common goal: graduating with a degree in their respective fields. It is very apparent that graduating on time is the main goal of entering a post-secondary education.

Spelman College had a graduation rate of sixty-nine percent in 2014 followed by Howard University at sixty-five and fifty-nine percent at Hampton. While graduation rates are on the rise one thing is for sure -- the number of students willing to apply HBCUs is growing by the day as students all over the nation have found out the benefits of attending.

The level of comfort that many students seem to find while on the campuses of the HBCUs is similar to the feeling of being at home. Students are able to connect with others on a level that they might not be able to reach at other universities. Having a similar goal with students who have a relatable background to you does help when it comes to achieving goals as a team and there is no "I" in degree.

Burning Sands

Although the Netflix original movie "Burning Sands" left some viewers with a nasty taste in their mouth about Greek life at HBCUs we must not forget that this is the viewpoint of an individual.

Throughout the movie, the viewers often saw the many struggles that men endured throughout the pledging process. As a student on a HBCU campus I can say that Greek organizations serve as the leaders on college campuses. They host events on campuses as well as represent their university when they travel to other colleges across the campus. Many leaders throughout Americas history have been members of Greek organizations such as Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. (Alpha Phi Alpha) and Maya Angelou (Alpha Kappa Alpha). The main purpose of movies are to entertain and then inform but when we take away a message without researching its true meaning we take information out of context. When we take information out of context we often let that new information create opinions that are not built on well sounded facts.

HBCU for me and you

Although people across the nation have been letting the current news and latest trends change their viewpoints on Historically Black Colleges and Universities as a whole, I can testify that HBCUs provide students with an amazing experience. Here, students have the opportunities they might not have a chance to get anywhere else. Even when the budget is cut, Universities have tried to make the learning experience for their students as enriched as possible. With more improvements coming, I know the need for HBCUs will always be around. I Love my HBCU!