Melania Trump is known for her beauty and for being the 3rd wife of the famous, celebrity turned president-elect Donald Trump. But didn't the Slovenian beauty mention on her website that she holds a degree in Design and Architecture at an unspecified university in Slovenia? Much to the media's scrutiny and suspicion, Mrs. Trump's official bio now claims that she has 'paused her studies', which suggests that she did not complete her degree, as previously stated. Was the mix up a matter of negligence or did she blatantly lie about her educational achievement?

Further evidence

Blaz Matija Vogelnik, a professor who said that Melania was his student for a brief period of time at Slovenia's University of Ljubljana, told NBC news in August that she did not complete his course. "She hasn't finished university, at least not in Ljubljana," he said. Vogelnik gave his personal opinion that because she was a very beautiful girl, she probably realized that she could gain more with her looks, rather than studying for a relatively long time.

When NBC News visited the college this summer, Melania's research could not be found in the university's library, which would have been there had she finished the course. As if to her defence that she didn't have only her looks going for her, Vogelnik further told NBC News that Melania has passed a rigorous test to gain entry to the college, and he believed that "her IQ was very high".

The latest story

On Donald Trump's government website, her bio now says that "she paused her studies to advance her modeling career in Milan and Paris." No further mention was made whether she resumed or finished her degree or not. After several reports put her resume in the spotlight, especially during her husband's presidential campaign, doubts were raised, forcing her to pull her entire website in July, and she then tweeted that "the website does not accurately reflect my business and professional interests."

Her website now redirects to, but her original bio can still be accessed by the internet archive.