The hunt for the murder suspect in #Ohio on Monday took a serious turn as he was difficult to track down, and appeared to elude police efforts to catch him. The man, named #Steve Stephens, age 37, was charged with aggravated murder of an old man who had been collecting recycling cans.

Video of a killing

He had posted a #video of his murder of an elderly man named Godwin who had been nearby randomly and did not know the suspect. Stephens had apparently mentioned the name of a woman, and Godwin did not recognize her name, only seconds before being shot down.

The man's son, Godfrey Godwin, said that he couldn't near to watch the Facebook video of his father being killed and that he couldn't either stomach the news and media accounts of his older father's death.

This is what happens when gun laws are relaxed and in keeping with The National Rifle association's beliefs, as they are in Ohio. Ohio is an #open carry state, meaning those who legally possess a firearm can carry it openly as a legal right. Company employees can take their guns to company parking lots and other places.

This is what happens when someone is allowed to carry a firearm. Guns increase death. Countries like Australia and the United Kingdom have less deaths from gun related crime.