Our world, our home, our planet Earth, remains self-contained within a very fragile ecosystem. Therefore, Mother Earth requires respect from the organisms that inhabit her surface. By cutting funding to the EPA for big oil, dwindling supplies of fossil fuels, and coal mining, Trump's response to the threat of Global warming is simply, "Global Warming is simply an overhyped Al Gore truther Liberal myth! It doesn't even exist!" Yet according to the International Journal of Organizational Innovation, a steadily rising sea-level is one of the greatest indicators of the global warming process, the threat of sea submergence (Lee, 1).

By 2013, this journal predicts a 4.36~6.29 cm increase in water mass within the Penghu offshore(Lee, 1).

By 2015, a regulatory framework was already in development by the UN Framework on Climate Change. This environmental policy blueprint, globally demands a universally binding contract for every global business -- steadfastly ensuring that global warming indicative temperatures, always remain below the range of 2°C. The ability to maintain global temperatures lower than 2°C will bypass possible extreme weather conditions, inducing the increase in vulnerability of natural disasters, such as sea levels rising, or flash floods (Lee, 1). Our natural ecosystem will become irreparably harmed, if we learn nothing from the mistakes of big industry and corporate greed, to craft a cleaner healthier and more energy-efficient future for The United States of America.

Global warming is real, and to deny it spells disaster for both our nation and our planet.

Abnormal CA rainfall patterns

While attending work the last month in California, I could not help but notice the constant, near flash flood levels of torrential drenching rainstorms which were happening for over a month every other day.

California tends to remain sunny. If it rains in Los Angeles where I live, it is a massive downpour which quickly fizzles out within the desert climate. However, persistent rain for a solid month and a half in California with no sunshine is an abnormal weather pattern, that I experienced at work a few months ago, which can only be strongly predictive of real climate change.

I have lived in the state of California for over eight years, and even when it rains, I have never experienced a month of straight rain until 2016. California has also not encountered an earthquake for quite some time, and we are due for another natural disaster at any moment, therefore defunding the Environmental Protect Agency is an act of utter madness.

The necessity of environmental regulation agencies

America needs strong environmental rules and protections in place, to protect our citizens from the threat of natural disasters such as earthquakes and flash floods. We need to take the threat of climate change seriously and cannot abandon our rhetoric on preserving the environment due to capitalistic greed.

Try telling this to our current Presidential administration. Common knowledge and making money can co-exist; all it requires is an open mind, a reasonable budget and tax policy, and adaptability to Alternative Energy Sources, which Trump must prove he is willing to fully embrace if he seriously expects to keep his position as head of state.

To craft a sustainable environmental future for our nation, we must abandon total dependency on oil, coal and fossil fuels. We must quickly adopt the regular utilization of hydrogen, electricity, hemp, solar energy, harnessing windmills, and every other natural resource we can find and muster. The goal is to slowly reduce our dwindling resource reserves and halt the flow of the poison we are elevating and distributing out into our suffering and potentially decaying Planet Earth, for the strength and vitality of our nation.