The USSR was a monolith state that came up on the ruins of Europe at the end of world war II. it was a massive power that was a counterpoise to the USA at that time. The USA felt justifiably threatened as it faced a totalitarian state. General Eisenhower in his wisdom Incorporated NATO for the defense of Europe. The Soviet Union collapsed in 1991 and the cold war evaporated. Unfortunately, the US Generals brought up on a diet of a war with Russia have not been able to adjust to the changed scenario. They still keep talking the cold war language that the adversary is Russia.

Generals like Mattis and McMaster are clear that Russia is not only an adversely but an enemy. Even the US ambassador to the UN Nicky Haley keeps talking about Russia as an adversary. One wonders how Donald appointed her as his rep to the UN. Not a day passes without her castigating Russia for its actions. Yesterday she made an obnoxious comment that she considered Donald's comments on Twitter as just chatter and she laid no stress on them.

Generals and Russia

The generals and the hawks in NATO do not want peace with Russia. That is the reason that NATO forces have been positioned on the borders of Russia and provocative exercises are being conducted there. This is a first after the end of the cold war.

Perhaps all this would not have happened if Hillary had been president. As in the finàl analysis, the adversary is not Russia but Donald.

There is no recognition of the fact that era of the fifties and sixties is over. States are different now and the opinion of Donald Trump that NATO is obsolete has more than a grain of truth.

Donald has had to moderate his views that NATO is an obsolete organization.

Donald and NATO

The president of USA will also attend the NATO summit in May. Yet he has asked the allies to pay for the upkeep, but Germany has flatly refused. The question that Donald must answer is what will the USA do in case the NATO partners do not play fair and don't pay up.

Will he downgrade the alliance? Here again, he is on a sticky wicket as the Pentagon and the politicians, who created the Russian bogie will not allow Donald to scale back. So America will continue to foot the bill for the defense of Europe against an imaginary enemy.

Last word

Europe is facing a greater internal threat with almost 1.5 million refugees from the Middle East and North Africa. They are the Trojan horse and a large number of them are influenced by sermons given by the Imams, like the one given by the Imam of Al-Aqsa Mosque Jerusalem. He has exhorted his followers to Islamize Europe. One has to see how the scenario will unfold and how Donald faces up to the new reality.