The Washington Times reported that the House of Delegates in Maryland has voted to make that state a so-called “sanctuary state.” The law, if passed, would mean that state officials would be prohibited from cooperating with federal immigration agents to locate and deport illegal aliens living in Maryland. The timing of the bill’s passage was exquisite coming as it did in the wake of the rape and sodomizing of a 14-year-old girl in her high school bathroom by a pair of illegal immigrants. The image of Maryland state lawmakers, in effect, extending a middle finger to the rape victim, her family, and the good people of Montgomery County is something that should not be lost on anyone.

Maryland politicians are pointing out that not all illegal immigrants are rapists, a true statement. The reassurance is falling on deaf ears of the citizens of Montgomery Country who respond that had the Immigration Laws been strictly enforced, a particular 14-year-old ninth grader would not have been brutalized and traumatized by a pair of boys bigger and stronger than she is. They don’t want lectures on the need for tolerance. They want their kids to go to school in safety, something they perceive does not exist when they are in the company of illegals.

The problem could be resolved if state and local governments who want to provide sanctuaries for illegal aliens realize that the immigration laws are not polite suggestions.

They can trot out statistics all they want that claim that the crime rate among illegals (aside from the fact that all of them are in breach of immigration laws) is not greater than that of legal immigrants and native-born citizens. The fact remains that Montgomery Country, which is already a sanctuary area, and perhaps the entire state of Maryland are co-conspirators in perpetuating a nagging and sometimes dangerous social problem, the tolerance of millions of people living in the United States who have no legal right to do so.

If one feels that the immigration laws can be ignored, then what other laws can be cast aside in the name of convenience or virtue signaling or people in rich, gated communities feeling good about themselves?