The Politically Incorrect movement is the most significant counter-culture movement in American counterculture since the 1960’s. It has become so popular, so intrusive into society that half the country voted for a loathsome presidential candidate simply because he endorsed the cause of this so-called revolution in anti-censorship tactics. No one is lying who says that Donald Trump’s support has little to do with policies. We as a community have to open our eyes to see that those who support him have rational or cogent reasons for their preference.

While many view them as misled and deceived by populism, this hardly means they are stupid; we only deceive ourselves with the assumption that their inclination for Trump leads only to the conclusion of economic misunderstanding. The reality we face is that the push for a ‘politically correct’ pro-establishment culture has angered a lot of American citizens and not without justification. However, good intentions can only do so much good in reality; in fact most of history's most abhorrent circumstances arose from 'good intentions'.

Why this approach doesn’t work

Approximately 60% of Americans said political correctness is ‘a problem in our country’. Those worried that we've gone too far in our pursuit of political correctness falls pretty solidly along party lines: twice as many Republicans as Democrats think it's a problem.

Only 18% think we aren't being politically correct enough. The trigger warnings and the riots and the fights to silence conservative opinions obviously have had detrimental effects in the eyes of the people. The problem we have is the hypocrisy of declaring oneself ‘Politically Incorrect’; if the notion of censorship is displeasing enough for one to consider it an enemy of society, what is the point of advocating a movement bent on fighting other’s opinions?

Would that not be attempting to achieve censorship, just in your favor? It’s not like I don’t sympathize with those truly in this movement to fight censorship, but hatred is not the answer. The establishment has plenty of hatred going for it already.

So why does ‘PIC’ still exist?

Simply put, you can’t change any culture from the top down, no matter how vulgar your mouth can be.

Trump’s promises to bring an anti-establishment philosophy to the legislative community aren’t exactly promises capable of being kept in the first place and he has shown that he has no intentions of keeping them. And it hardly stops with Trump; Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio were additional presidential candidates who denounced PC culture. Many anti-establishment personalities seem to view themselves obliged to contribute to Political Incorrectness such as Bill O’Reilly, Milo Yiannopoulos, Richard Spencer and Steve Bannon. Even establishment figures have fed off the anti-PC craze, such as Bill Maher and Stephen Colbert, calling left-leaning liberals ‘too dependent on their feelings’ and ‘crazy, emotional nutjobs’.

The support for this interpretation of political correctness prevails as the cold-blooded enemy hasn't died, but soon America will have to make a choice; to fight censorship, or to continue fighting each other.