The National Review has just published a piece entitled “Tired of All The Winning” that documents how things are getting better all of the sudden now that Donald Trump is in the White House. From a sudden increase in job creation to a drop in illegal immigration to the Syrian Democratic Forces, a coalition of Arab and Kurdish groups, preparing for the final assault on Raqqa and the destruction of ISIS, things seem to be turning up.

How can that be? It is not as if Trump has had time to do much of anything. Major legislation such as the repeal and replace of Obamacare, tax reform, the Wall, and infrastructure building has yet to pass Congress.

The good economic news, which also features a drop in the national debt, can be explained by the fact that deregulation has already proceeded apace. A lot of madcap Obama-era rules are being lifted, like a boot from the neck, freeing private business from its restrictions. The commercial sector is already anticipating reforms in health care and taxes and a lot of spending building roads and bridges. Companies are haltingly starting to expand and hire again for the first time in eight years.

The drop in border crossings is easy to explain as well. People who might think about slipping across the border now realize that a new regime of enforcement await them. No more catch and release. Potential illegal immigrants are now hesitant to run the risk.

Trump is directly responsible for events in Syria. A force of 1,000 Marines is being deployed to provide artillery and other support for the SDF coalition. Air strikes are being stepped up, and arms are flowing to anti-ISIS forces. Naturally, the balance of power is shifting against the terrorist army, and many analysts believe that its days are numbered.

Indeed, ISIS leader Abū Bakr al-Baghdadi, the ISIS leader, and a serial rapist is said to be on the run as Iraqi forces close in on Mosul. One imagines a delicious scenario that has him falling into the hands of some of the women warriors of the SDF. One assumes that those ladies will know how to make him welcome.

Of course, Trump has only been in office a few weeks, and there is more than enough time for things to go sideways. But right now, things are improving.