After a dramatic week in which the current administration was put yet again under the hammer for ties to Russia, President Trump on Saturday blamed #Barack Obama for spying on him by wire tapping his phones during the 2016 election. Maybe this was a move to end speculation on #Russia – or maybe not. What we do know is that the president went crazy on Twitter on Saturday morning, and behaved in a most chaotic manner, which wasn’t at all presidential.

But still, none of us forgot about #the Russia problem.

And Russia, it seems it hot. So hot that on Saturday The New York Times featured a flaming yellow advertisement for #The Americans, the trending television show that follows a couple of Russian spies in America.

The ad was bright and eye-catching, and it seemed to sit right at home on the front page of the newspaper.

Russia is so in vogue that #Mad Men's creator Mathew Weiner's new show is also about a Russian family. Titled #The Romanoffs, it looks at the descendants of the titular famous dynasty and follows their lives since 1918, when they were apparently all killed. All, that is, except Anastasia Romanoff, who supposedly created a new identity.