Hillary Clinton was in the presidential race and, watching the goings-on around her; she must have been waiting for an opportunity to speak out her mind. The chance came her way at a diversity conference in San Francisco. CNN reports that at the annual conference hosted by the Professional Business Women of California, she seized the moment and made the best use of it during her keynote address as she talked politics after losing the 2016 presidential election.

What Clinton talked about

It was a woman-centric affair and, she dwelt at length on the matter that relates to equality for women and made it interesting by criticizing President Donald Trump and the Republican Party.

Ever since her loss in the election, she had maintained a low profile. However, she hinted that protests against the policies of the Trump administration are gradually on the rise.

On the subject of the rights and opportunities of women and girls, she labeled it as a significant unfinished business of the 21st century and remarked that, in the present scenario, low representation of women in Washington is a matter of concern.

Hillary Clinton also drew attention to the fact that the United States still does not have a national paid family leave policy and, the beneficiaries usually belong to those in the high-income bracket. She wants the private sector to be more involved because they have the power to make things happen.

Focusing on the diversity of women in the workplace, she expressed her opinion that the private sector could make significant contributions to achieve this. They could introduce suitable mechanisms that will allow more women to come to the table.

A peek into the future

Hillary Clinton is hopeful of the future. She can sense turbulent times ahead and, sees it an opportunity to be more creative.

Donald Trump appears to be in trouble with issues connected to illegal immigrants, travel ban, Mexico border wall and, even, global warming. Efforts to resolve these issues is a major problem for the administration.

She is a seasoned politician and knows the signs that could place her into a new role. Therefore, she asked the audience to put emphasis on the people and, resist any action that could jeopardize the sense of the value of Americans. She assured that she would always be there beside them.