Femicide. It includes Domestic Violence, abusive relationships, verbal or nonverbal, anything in which the woman is killed or abused because of her gender. It’s the most common cause of death in young African-American women in the United States. They are more likely to be killed by their partner than any other criminal. The percentages of men killed by their partners have decreased. Meanwhile, the percentage of women killed by their partners has increased by 22%. This is not only happening in the United States but all over the world. In Brazil, a 16-year-old girl was raped and, according to the article, Brazil is the second country in most rapes, followed by India.

This issue is international.

Not important?

We’re informed of gender violence and femicide around us but they’re almost always overlooked in newspapers. Most news on homicide of women are given a very small section of the page and they’re almost never the main one. They’re given little or no importance at all because of the fact that they’re so common. Femicide is also subtly shown in tv series like" Westworld" and it is not spoken about. Domestic violence is also a common topic in tv shows and movies, even romantic ones like "The Notebook" and it is never mentioned. We must start to speak about it to solve the problem.

Education about feminism and violence

We should educate men and women about feminism and how it could change our lives for the better.

Working and educating the aggressor at the same time as the victim might prevent any other new incident. It can be done in group therapies lecturing that no gender is superior to another and that we should coexist treating each other with respect. There’s also new equipment that helps prevent other cases such as the SOS Mujer, a Chilean invention to alert the securities of any danger and keep updates of the person’s location. Changing our way of thinking is the key to a reduction of cases of gender violence and femicide but we need to transform our culture and we need it do it together.