The U.S. Supreme Court needs another justice. Neither Democrats nor Republicans own the highest court. It belongs to the people – the U.S. To stonewall or affect derailing a confirmation vote with filibusters, distracting antics, or verbal attacks is not serving the people who voted Senators into their respective offices to represent the citizenry, entrusting the states’ best interest would be reflected through Senators’ voices and by their actions.

Lackluster or lost focus while attentive toward filibusters

The President’s political persuasion should not adversely influence the outcome of the Senate confirmation hearings funded by the public for the sole goal of Senators screening the nominee for the court.

The hearings are not the appropriate time or venue for scapegoating any well-qualified judge from serious consideration for the task at-hand following confirmation proceedings, hearing and deciding appellate cases for the collective U.S., the people.

Following the confirmation hearings has been a chore, at a minimum, and motivation to focus has been a constant struggle due to acrimony, acidic and a sickening feeling with the dissension. It is for these reasons that a great many people “tune out” or have become disinterested in the process itself and just want to know the key points and the outcome. It will mean that the bicker-fest between political parties will soon be over and a new justice will be confirmed or rejected.

Remembering qualifications count

Everyone deserves better. The primary focus should pivot on the most important facts: Is Neil Gorsuch well-suited for the position and should he fill the remaining seat as a Supreme Court Justice? Those answers will not be attained by carping and embracing redundancy. How many politicians does it take to understand that the nominee is not putting politics above the law?

How many times and in how many ways must it be repeated before everyone resumes attention on issues that are not political hot buttons, not made for ratings or future votes. And not intended to be added to the American lexicon at the cost of the public’s need and right to have the best person serving on the highest court?

Should it escape those voted to be the people’s representatives, throughout the nominee confirmation process, let’s go ahead and make it abundantly clear: Bad behavior and brow-beating will not influence people favorably or sway justices from their focus when they are ruling on cases in the Supreme Court. Petulance has no place in the process and the crucial objective that the nation’s founders and its voters rested in Senators’ hands.