He's on the street corner on Pennsylvania Avenue in front of a big white house where the "adults" work. Watch out. He's got a tremendous bark; but his bite is toothless. He tells you that if you don't turn over your milk money, that he's going to give you a shiner. But that is doubtful, since his swing is aimless and his threats are empty. "Who is he?," you ask. He's Donald Trump, the latest resident of the government housing plan in the big, white house on Pennsylvania Avenue. His latest tease is Arnold Schwarzenegger, the actor turned politician turned "Celebrity Apprentice" host turned private citizen.

Donald's inferiority complex

Donald Trump, who recently told the nation's governors that they have an "easy job," is patently jealous of Arnold Schwarzenegger. After all, it was Schwarzenegger, not Trump, who starred in multiple major films, was celebrated as an actor, body builder and explicitly talented actor, and managed to survive eight years as a Republican Governor of the nation's most Progressive state, California, without scandal.

Trump, on the other hand, has a very sporadic and limited history in film, mainly limited to "Celebrity Apprentice." Trump's favorite pastime on this program was "firing" people, perhaps because that made him feel that his hands weren't so small after all!

And of course we all know what Marco Rubio, another one of Trump's "milk money" victims, said about Trump's small hands.

But we need not go into that right now. Suffice to say that Trump suffers from a horrific inferiority complex and "attempts" to make up for it by demanding milk money and threatening to give his victims a "shiner" on Pennsylvania Avenue in front of the big, white house.

Donald the paper tiger

It goes without saying that Trump, who recently signed a bill allowing mentally ill people, including himself, to purchase guns, is a "blow hard," or, to put it more politely, a "paper tiger." Like all paper tigers, he can "dish it out," but he can't stand the slightest gust of wind directed his way by his "milk money" bullying victims.

Donald, get off Arnold Schwarzenegger's case and grow up and chill. Yes, it is hard to act like an adult; but watching real adults from afar might someday pay off. Perhaps you will be allowed inside; someday. But wipe your feet off first. The big, white house already has enough snails inside!

A celebrity and an apprentice

Somewhere out in that big, wide world there is a celebrity.

And on Pennsylvania Avenue there is an "apprentice" who spends his time on Pennsylvania Avenue offering "knuckle sandwiches" to Celebrities of whom he is jealous. And that includes just about every celebrity out there, including Arnold. So far nobody has forwarded over even so much as a plug nickel. Celebrities are growing big and tall on their daily milk rations, having not missed even one daily intake.