President Donald Trump, who announced that he is shunning the White House Correspondence Dinner in late April, and his wife Melania, hosted their first White House ball on Sunday, hosting the nation's governors. The event, which is dubbed the Annual Governor's Ball, is an annual soiree in celebration of the nation's governors and their families. Trump's much-publicized ball coincided with the Oscars. Upon being questioned about that, White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer stated that he was certain that despite the attention that the Oscars engender, that both Trump and Melania will "focus" their attention on the Governor's Ball.

Trump's insulting joke to Governors

Speaking to 46 of the nation's governors who attended the annual ball, Trump tried to pass an ill-fated joke that appeared awkward at best. Donald Trump joked to the governors: "What an easy job you have," (The Washington Post, 2/26/17). Although Trump did not explicitly state the meaning of the joke, it appeared to be that his job as President is extremely difficult in comparison to that of the nation's governors.

Perhaps Trump forgot about Jerry Brown's mounting problems with flooding, overflowing dams, and citizens who have suddenly become homeless because their homes have been washed away by rivers that are overflowing their banks. Jerry Brown, who is in his fourth term as Governor of California, did not attend the White House gala event.

Brown is mired in an ongoing dispute with the Trump Administration over Trump's immigration ban, which has been put on hold by a federal court restraining order. The restraining order was upheld by the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco.

First Lady: No politics, please

Melania Trump greeted the governors and expressed the fact that she was "proud to invite all the governors to the White House for this important event," (The Washington Post, 2/26/17).

The First Lady then requested that the attendees leave "political labels and partisan interests behind," (The Washington Post, 2/26/17). Whether or not the guests complied was not immediately known; however, the President changed Melania's "no politics" agenda as soon as he took to Twitter a few hours later.

In his tweet, Trump stated, "Much to be discussed, including healthcare."

No mention of female governors

President Trump welcomed the male governors "and their wives and daughters." He made no mention of the female governors and their husbands. As of January 2017, 40 women have served or are serving as governors in America's 241-year history. Two current female governors are Gina Raimondo, (D, R.I.), and Kate Brown, (D, Ore.). Trump also did not mention the governors' sons; although it is unknown if any sons attended the gala event.

Trump ordered to release names

Meanwhile, President Trump has been ordered to release the names of the immigrants that his administration detained before the federal courts put a restraining order on the ban. The Trump Administration initially claimed that 109 immigrants were detained; however, more recent figures have indicated that over 700 immigrants were detained.

But this did not stop "the Donald" from drinking a toast to America's governors. Sparkling water doesn't quite have the shimmering glitter of champagne, but it will do for now.