Jeff Sessions was Donald's pick for Attorney General. He was confirmed by the Senate. It has now come to light that the AG lied during his hearing for confirmation to Congress regarding his contacts with the Russians. This was during the buildup to the elections. Apart from the demand from the democrats even members of the GOP have been demanding that Jeff recuses himself from all investigation into the Russian connection. This would not be liked by Trump who has stated that he has " full confidence" in the Attorney General.

Attacks on the AG

The attacks on the Attorney General are in reality an attack on Donald.

Many Americans feel that any contact with the Russians is an act of treason. There is intense Russo phobia sweeping across America.Much of this is engineered by the opposition. Many leaders even in the GOP have been extremely unhappy that Donald Trump became the president of the United States.

Ever since he became the president the name of the game is how to get ŕid of Donald. This started with his opponents attacking general Flynn. Now they are after the AG. It is clear that the next target is Donald Trump.

Donald is the target

With the pressure building up Donald has to gird up his lions. The opponents are not going to stop at Jeff Sessions and once he goes the knives will be out for Donald Trump.

The name of the game is the removal of Donald. He is the target.This can only be done one way and that is by an impeachment. The opponents of Donald would be extremely happy to impeach the president. This is the reason the Russian connection won't die away. One is reminded of the early fifties when McCarthyism swept the USA and a witch hunt was launched for communists.

It's not as bad yet, but one can't say about the future.

in a survey launched by one of the European sites, 46% of the respondents mentioned that in the end, the aim is to impeach the president.


The impeachment of Donald is not something that is not possible. In fact, it appears very probable. It will be interesting to watch what happens in the future.

One has a lurking feeling that Donald should have made a stand when the knives were out for General Flynn. He sacrificed him thinking all will end. It didn't happen that way and now the knives are out for Jeff Sessions. In case he goes the next target will be the president himself. He better watch out