On the first day of congressional hearings on President Trump's wire-tapping allegations against the Obama Administration, major media outlets have already concluded that Trump has no basis for his claims and that no illegal surveillance of Trump Tower ever occurred. No matter that transcripts of Trump and several of his appointees secure and private phone calls were leaked to the media just a few hours after they were made. This fact is never brought up or investigated by the media, only the assumption that Trump is making everything up.

Such rampant bias is just another example of how the major media is continuing to be unfair in their coverage of Donald Trump since he’s become president.

In truth, they have actually escalated their attacks to an unreasonable and emotional pitch that can only be described as pure hatred. Donald Trump can do nothing right, according to the talking heads at CNN, MSNBC and even Fox News.

He isn’t moving fast enough. He’s considering the wrong choices. He dares to have dinner with his family without a press pool. He shouldn’t be using Twitter. Meanwhile a gaggle of TV panels unfairly packed with anti-Trump members criticize and mock our new president 24/7.

Hatred for those who voted for trump

I guess what really bothers me about this spectacle, in addition to its negative effect on the unification of the United States and our collective success as a country, is the fact that the media’s contempt for Trump is also contempt and hatred for those, like myself, who voted for him.

Basically, they are giving us all the middle finger. They’re coyly telling us that “we don’t care what Trump does, we are going to oppose it and put it down, and we don’t give a damn whether you like it or not.”

It’s just more of the same puke they have been spewing for decades. But for the first time their bias is totally out in the open.

Their masks have fallen off and their raw hatred is there for all of us to see and understand. I worked as a news reporter for a couple of decades, so I experienced firsthand the leftist bias in the media. At times it was discouraging, but I always tried to believe they were just misguided and that someday a few of them would finally see the light.

But they never did, as they do not now. They simply cannot fathom that socialism, multiculturalism, feminism, atheism, or being politically correct will never be embraced by the majority of Americans.

We reject these political, humanistic heresies in favor of a living, breathing U.S. Constitution and one nation under God that sets us free from the tyranny of such totalitarian orthodoxies!

Conservative news and info sources

Sadly, because of the media’s madness, I and many of my natural conservative brothers and sisters can no long trust or stomach watching the multiple false narratives they spin daily in perfect dissonance. We have found others like ourselves that report and speak the truth. And the truth is simply this: Donald Trump won this election fair and square and is the 45th President of the United States. Long live President Trump and may he successfully pass his agenda through Congress in the name of the people who voted for him.