In an apparent meeting of two minds, Michael Flynn and President trump are now openly in agreement on an approach to the current Russia investigations that will serve both men well. Flynn apparently wants immunity, both from prosecution and presidential ire. All Trump wants to do is make whatever may lie inside or at the bottom of the Russia matter go away. He says there is nothing. Most think there is something. But before our eyes, the evasion is being played out.

Let's unpack it

Michael Flynn and Donald Trump are almost blood brothers. Or twins.

They believe the same conspiracies, share the same hatreds and act in the same manner. There is some financial difference and some power difference, but all things considered, the two are nearly peas in a pod. Trump did not want to see him gone from his government post and for all we know intends to bring him back. Any doubts sown over the last week about Flynn's whereabouts can be answered with a simple declarative sentence: Flynn is in Trump's pocket.

FOX News is the tell

That Fox News is out with the Trump spin bright and early this Friday. The language is instructive. "Trump backs Flynn." This says that whatever secrets Flynn may possess they are not going to hurt his master. The headline goes on to say that "ex-advisor' should seek immunity." This means that when we skirt or flaunt the law the best thing to do is get a deal and walk free.

That is how the rich do things. Trump is telling Michael he can play too.

Trump knows the ending

The seesaw is slowly, creakily moving Trumpward. The questions Flynn would answer after receiving immunity would be whatever works now that he is free from prosecution.

He can spit in the eye of the committees.

Trump's desire from the start has been to see Russia go away. There is that typed intelligence memorandum that made the rounds during the election. It was unbelievably salacious. Trump could have surmounted it even if it proved true. Even if it was shown he was in Moscow, his growing Teflon exterior would not have been breached.

We'll never know

But the cover-up would have remained to bite the President just as it bit Richard Nixon. Whatever Flynn knows stays in Vegas as it were. It is a perfect world as the weekend approaches. The fix is in.