The first Muslim travel ban ran into Rough Weather with the courts in the US. It was on the cards that the president would sign another executive order with some changes that can pass the purview of the courts. He has now issued a second order with some changes. These changes though cosmetic give the administration a better chance in the court. He has taken out the sentence that mentioned prioritization of refugees (Christian) and also dropped Iraq from the list of nations. Another change is that Syria is no longer singled out for a total ban. The revised order also exempts green card holders and valid visa holders from the ban.

The travel ban

On the face of it the new order looks more pragmatic, but in essence, it is similar to the earlier executive order. Many opine that its still a Muslim travel ban This time Donald signed the order without any publicity. The aim is perhaps not to raise the heckles of the press and opposition with undue publicity. Donald will be hoping the ban will stand this time.

Opposition to the ban

Discordant voices have already surfaced. The first to oppose the revised order is the state of Hawaii. Hawaii said it would seek a temporary restraining order against the new travel ban. The original suit against the executive order was put on hold. The New York AG has also said something similar and feels the ban is similar to the previous ban.

The objection to the old ban remains against the new one as well. None of the six countries to which the executive order is applicable have been involved in any terror activity. No national from these six nations has entered the US to commit any terror act. The most incensed is Iran, which has nearly one million nationals working in the USA.

It has effected a reciprocal ban on US citizens entering the country.

Courts will decide

Doubtless, the order will be challenged in the court. The court will have to decide whether it is discriminatory or not. Donald has worked the ban cleverly but it will be up to the court to decide on its legality.

Donald himself is under intense pressure, on the issue of the Russian connection and that is one reason he signed the second order without any fanfare, He will be hoping the executive order sticks and is not overturned by the court.