There are days when it seems that the news is simply variations on a single theme surrounding President Donald Trump or Attorney General #Jeff Sessions and a journalist or reader can lose sight of the fact that there are other news items. So, rather than bore readers with the usual stories, why not give them some good news stories that they may have missed amongst the trending items?

Luck or intuition?

Australia’s News Corp has reported a story of an investment advisor who made what could be a near record profit on an investment.

A few years ago American based Australian Jeremy Liew noticed a friend’s daughter spending a lot of time on an app.

He approached its designer Evan Spiegel and asked how he could help the company to get off the ground.

In this way the Investment Advisor got into Snapchat with an initial investment of $600,000.00 and over years which eventually became an investment of over $8 million dollars. The result is that his company is now worth over $2 billion.

It’s amazing what some intuition and a touch of luck can bring when you get into the beginning of a social media phenomenon.

Clean the car regularly

Another Australian had more than his share of good luck recently and also a lesson about cleanliness. As reported by the BBC a man in Newcastle in New South Wales decided to clean out his car, for reasons that will become obvious, he did not want his name mentioned.

In the car he found a forgotten shopping bag with a year old lottery ticket in the bottom. The ticket ended up being a first prize ticket worth over AUS$ 1,000.000.00. He certainly learnt that it is definitely worthwhile regularly clearing the car...

Careful of your customers

UPI reports an unusal incident in a restaurant in Bimbembre, Spain.

The owner of El Carmen restaurant would have been happy to have a group of 120 book the restaurant for a baptism with a €900.00 deposit for a menu of starters, main course and a wide selection of alcoholic beverages. HIs happiness did not last long.

In what was obviously a well staged operation, the group left the restaurant unnoticed and without paying the remaining € 2,100.00.

Although the police were informed he has little hope of recouping the losses. It appears that it was not the first such raid by the group as the same thing had occurred a couple of months before.

The only question for the owner to ask was how his serving staff did not notice the customers disappear. A Case for the X-Files?

A good way to spend nuclear alerts

And finally, an entertaining way to avoid worrying about the possibility of a new Cold War.

Like the United States, Great Britain too has a system of nuclear bunkers, some of which were built in the early 1980s. Police in Wiltshire were recently given a tip off about suspicious activities regarding a disused bunker which had been built to shelter members of the country’s hierarchy in a case of a nuclear war with the Soviet Union.

On their arrival they found a sight that would have made Doctor Strangelove proud.

The bunker had been turned into a massive marijuana plantation of “thousands” of plants worth over £1,000,000.00. Naturally for an underground setting the bunker had been equipped with sophisticated hydroponic and lighting systems. According to the Police evidence indicated that the plants found were not the first crop raised in the bunker.

While the three men arrested await trial, it would have been interesting to know what other surprises may be hidden in nuclear bunkers around the world.

These examples tell us that there is a cure to the news we read every day. For every bit of bad, fake, or depressing news we read finding something that can give us a laugh is only a click away if we ask the search engines. I suspect it is something that many of us should do more often...