The resignation of General Mike Flynn has only stirred up interest in President Trump's ties with Russia even more, as accusations of misconduct and conspiracy line up with an undeniable timeline. Before Donald Trump took office in January, he and then-President Obama were privy to classified documents containing Russian operatives' claims of having embarrassing, intimate, and financial information on Trump. Supposedly, the allegations are worth blackmailing, and were shown to then-President elect Trump as a courtesy, letting him know this information was out there.

Prior to that, the world was made aware of Russia's hacking into the U.S. presidential race. By leaking information drawing attention only to Hillary Clinton and the democratic party, it soon became clear that the Russian government was trying to influence the election in Trump's favor. It wouldn't be long before other red flags began to rise up, despite the new administration's cry of fake news as a distraction.

In October, Senate Democratic Lead Harry Reid sent a letter to James Comey, charging that the FBI Director had explosive information regarding Trump's ties with the Kremlin. One summary published by Buzzfeed News alleges that during a trip to Russia in 2013, Trump made local prostitutes defile a bed in the Ritz-Carlton hotel room where Barack and Michelle Obama previously stayed.

Surveillance cameras capturing the incident are supposed to be in existence.

All the king's men

Strangely, Donald Trump has surrounded himself with men with ties to Russia. Slowly, but surely, most are gone, with the exception of the newly placed Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, who has some familiarities with Russia. Former campaign manager Paul Manafort changed the language regarding Ukraine on the GOP party's policy.

The change fell in line with the dossier's report alleging the Trump campaign was willing to soften U.S. support for Ukraine in exchange for dirt on political rival Hillary Clinton. One member of the RNC confirmed to Business Insider that the change definitely came from the Trump staff. Manafort eventually resigned. Former Merrill Lynch investment banker and Trump foreign policy advisor Carter Page is also named in the dossier as an intermediary between high-level Moscow officials and the Trump campaign.

He, too, is gone.

What's done in the dark will come to light

The classified report further states there was cooperation between Trump and Russia in hacking democrats. In return, Vladimir Putin wanted to know about Russian oligarchs residing in the U.S. One source is quoted as saying the reason why the campaign was pretty much relaxed about allegations of Trump's ties to Russia was because it deflected attention away from his business dealings in China.