It what is looking like the latest episode of “The Celebrity President,” Donald Trump will be taking his show on the road this weekend to hold a rally in a Melbourne, Florida airport hangar. It has been hard not to notice how much Trump loves and needs to hear the reaffirming roar of fans/supporters while on the campaign trail. Therefore, many have wondered just what will he do once in the White House. Well, wonder no more. Although Trump has gone on the thank-you tour already, there is no official word yet as to what this will be called or its purpose.

No doubt, he will take time to bash the media, complain about White House leaks, spew voter fraud fantasies and tout crowd size in an effort to keep supporters stoked.

The president tweeted a message today asking people to join him on Saturday at 5:00 p.m. at the Orlando-Melbourne International Airport. A link for supporters to RSVP was also included. With an administration blackened by so much criticism, investigations, and massive protests, a rally sounds like the feel-good medicine Trump would instinctively opt for. Florida is friendly ground for Trump, who has spent all of his weekends there since taking office less than a month ago.

Frenzy, chaos

It has indeed been a tumultuous week for the Trump administration, but a rally will do little to stop the damage done, or to stop future jaw-dropping headlines to come unless things drastically change.

This week has seen the resignation of national security adviser, Michael Flynn and the withdrawal of Labor Secretary pick Andy Puzder. Despite what Trump and his spokespeople try to spin, the Russian connection is not going to go away. Too many people are interested in it, and troubled by it.

Trump’s Friday visit in South Carolina

On Friday, Donald Trump will travel to Charleston, South Carolina to attend the rollout of the 787-10 Dreamliner, a new Boeing airplane. According to press secretary Sean Spicer, this particular trip had been in the making for months. It should be another interesting weekend.