The LifeAfter Project aims to support research and provide education designed to inspire and spread awareness for suicide prevention, substance and domestic abuse throughout our nation and the World.

The team of The LifeAfter Project consists of Michael Strider, Julie Anderson and Brian Whitfield who are donating all proceeds of their book LifeAfter--Visions of Hope to the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline.

The suicide prevention lifeline is 1-800-273-TALK or 8255

Hope is about learning

Visit the Learning Center at the LifeAfter Project and choose a link: Suicide Prevention, Substance Abuse, or head over to celebrity stories where you will learn about the dangers and warnings of suicide, drug abuse and more.

Most of all, you will learn there is hope and hope comes from education and sharing your story with them. Take a selfie and share it with the world. Teach others about your story and your recovery.

Depression and hope

Sadness is not depression and depression isn't the end of the world even though you think it is. I know, I've lived through it. There is hope on the other side. Life doesn't come with a guarantee of happiness. Instead, life often gives us hurdles and challenges to live through. The hardest part is living through the challenge when you only want to run away. I can't think of anything more difficult than trying to find a lifeline whilst in the midst of depression. When people ask why you are depressed when you have everything you need, how do you explain that the depression comes from the inside not the outside.

Sometimes writing how you feel is easier than talking. Share your story with other people through the LifeAfter Project. When you share your burden, it becomes lighter.

I know.

Hope and drug abuse

When, like me, you have a beloved child who turns to drugs you feel pain, anger, and desperation to save that child. What you learn is that only the child can save him or herself.

You will wonder what you've done wrong, what you could have said or done to save your child and you discover there is no answer. Only the child can save the child. After that comes peace and you will know hope exists. That is a story that must be shared as well. No one condemns themselves more than the parent of a child who turns to drugs.

Trust me.

Hope and life

Life is not easy. It is hard and in this country mental illness is not taken seriously. I see the homeless everyday and they are just like you and me. Some do not take their medication, others choose that way of life, others are thrown into that situation without a fail safe. Somehow, they've lost everything. Every human life is precious. Let's educate ourselves and find out where we can help. If we can just do a little something it will add up into a bigger something.

Join me.

Join us in