has published a column wherein former Ohio Court of Appeals judge, Mark P. Painter, reached out to Rep. Steve Chabot (R-OH). Through the column, Painter notified Chabot and the public of his willingness to help draft articles of impeachment. The former adjudicator wrote that at no time has any president gotten away with the dozens of jaw-dropping illegal things Donald Trump has. He continued by pointing out that each day is a new nightmare, with Americans trying to digest one assault after another, whether it is something said, signed or tweeted.

The ex-judge added that it's all done surrounded by lies.

Mark Painter reflected that for the past 36 years, and during a much more sane time, he has voted for Republican presidents. He is now frustrated and appalled having seen his center-right party jump off the rails, venturing toward the extreme, and now into whatever universe Trump is in. Calling on Congress to act swiftly, Painter insists this dangerous presidency must end now, with Trump being impeached and removed with haste.

One judge brings down the gavel

Painter concluded that it's time to admit that we have elected a president who has quickly proven to be a mean-spirited bully, a con artist, a pathological liar and a danger to American values.

Clearly placing country over political party, Mark Painter wrote that America was at stake, and the not-ready-for-prime-time show is too dangerous to go on. Even though Painter made a case for Trump being someone who does not understand the three branches of government and the need for checks and balances, clueless about the Constitution and a would-be dictator, Rep.

Chabot is known for defending the president. Nevertheless, Painter is calling for Chabot to man-up and draft articles of impeachment, as Painter reminded Chabot that he once did it for Clinton, who did far less than Donald Trump has done.

It will take an act of Congress

Although Trump has cleverly surrounded himself with loyalists and a House filled with Republicans who are either too afraid or too agenda-minded to consider Painter's plea, things on the other end of the spectrum are developing just as rapidly. More institutions are banding together, and public outcry is getting louder. Anti-Trump organizations are growing, and the media is confronting what is sadly becoming known as a lying administration.