Is Steve Bannon, the master and architect of fake news? Is he the architect of most of President Trump’s unorthodox policies as well?Well, President Trump utterly disagrees. However, these questions remain largely unanswered. One sure thing, though, is that Bannon finally sits in the influential White House and has a say in the prestigious National Security Council after being appointment by President Donald J. Trump.

Bannon led a divisive news channel

The little known Steve Bannon (who formerly was the head of Breitbart news, a divisive right-wing opinion and news outlet) shot to fame during President Trump’s controversial campaign.

He is certainly the most controversial figure ever appointed as chief strategist and senior adviser to a sitting US President.

Under Brannon’s malevolent schemes, President Trump openly called CNN, Clinton News Network during the campaign, just because he thought the channel did not favor him. During his maiden press conference after being elected president, President Trump reiterated his unsubstantiated views on mainstream media by sharply criticizing CNN, and went a step further, engaging in an argument with a reporter.

Trump is not open to criticism

What President Donald Trump has deliberately chosen to ignore is the fact that as the most influential leader on the planet, the US President should be open to criticism, especially from opposition groups, something the media will readily report and analyze.

The media is the watchdog, and acts as a checks and balances between the government and the people.

Moreover, President Trump’s rather unconventional communication strategies often become front page news, and mainstream media outlets will readily report on and analyze these comments. This coverage should not be viewed as opposing the President, but as fulfillment of the duty to inform the public.

'SNL' checking on government

"SNL" may have gone a bit too far with the portrayal of Steve Bannon as the grim reaper, but it’s worth noting that in the eyes of Bannon and a host of other newcomers in Washington, any news that does not praise President Donald Trump is fake. President Donald Trump may be angry with the negative publicity given to his chief strategist at the White House by "SNL," but, whether these accusations levied on Bannon as a dark force controlling and manipulating the President are true or unfounded, these views have only been prompted by what Steve Bannon believes to be true.