On January 13, 2017, Donald Trump met with William Happer; a Princeton University physicist and climate change critic. On January 16, 2017, he met with David Gelernter—a computer scientist at Yale University and a critic of liberal academia. Both of these men are under consideration for the position of Director of the Office of Science and Technology Policy. Both of these men are skeptics of climate change and the advocacy thereof. If either are elected, it will be the views and credibility of their expertise playing a part in the controversial subject of climate and be used to backup Donald Trump's assertions pertaining to his past and continued claims about Global Warming.

The abominations keep coming

We are a nation that has been polarized and politicized over the debate about climate change. Moreover, the controversy continues to divide and separate our society into skeptics, advocates, and a president, who is seemingly hell-bent on projecting a perspective, etched in stone, as the only viable solution to all our problems. So far, the infinite wisdom of Donald Trump has dismissed climate change as “bullshit,” and as a “hoax” Furthermore, He promised to pull the U S out of last year's Paris climate agreement, in which nearly 200 countries have pledged to reduce carbon emissions .

Trumps insults add more injury

Mike McKenna, who previously led Trump’s energy transition team, said in an interview, “the new administration will probably allow new drilling in the Arctic and three contentious pipelines being held up by activists will finally get completed.

McKenna also said that "the Clean Power Plan (CPP), Obama’s expansive program to lower carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions, will very likely be dead on arrival."

The CPP is blamed for having decimated the country’s coal communities. One of many reasons that Trump got elected was because a great many coal miners and oil workers saw their jobs under threat by President Barack Obama’s renewable energy policies.

Thus, the hidden agenda behind Donald Trump's election—the restoration of fossil fuel energy; a policy that president Obama disallowed. According to McKenna, the oil pipeline construction, under current U.S. law, “can be approved by a president more or less immediately."

A March on Climate has been set. On April 29, 2017, people will take to the streets to share their thoughts on the recent presidential orders against environmental organizations and science for Climate change.

President Trump has issued orders on websites such as the Environmental Protection Agency and Department of Agriculture. They are now blocked from communicating with the public and the press.

Is this a Joke or just Foolishness

Andrew Rosenberg, the director for the Center of Science and Democracy said: Gelernter “certainly is not mainstream in the science community or particularly well known...His views on even the most key questions on science aren't known. Considering the huge range of issues the White House needs to consider, I don't know if he has that kind of capability.”

Dr. William Happer has been a prominent and outspoken critic of the science of climate change. In the June/July 2011 issue of First Things, Dr.

Happer published a summary of his views: “The Truth About Greenhouse Gases: The dubious science of the climate crusaders”

Dr. Michael MacCracken, the Chief Scientist for Climate Change Programs at the Climate Institute in Washington, DC, interviewed the prominent ‘skeptic’ and gave a detailed rebuttal to his published summary of views:

“The paper is so misleading that, in my view, it merits a paragraph-by-paragraph response.“Building a better future can only be accomplished by facing up to the impacts that increasing CO2 emissions are having on the climate. Dr. Happer is slowing this down by putting forth scientific statements that indicate so little understanding (presumably, because of reading too narrowly or with too closed a mind).”